7 August, 2020


It seems like everyone these days is looking for ways to earn some extra cash. Whether it is programming, graphic design or copywriting, people are eager to put in some of their free time into making money. The internet is a goldmine for those patient enough to turn their mindless browsing into a profitable venture. Now, you might not get filthy rich but, let’s be honest, who has become a millionaire overnight? Unless you’re born into a rich family or you’re Bill Gates and, if that is the case, you might stop reading now and devote your time and resources to charity, science or poetry. But, if you’re like you and me and need to make some money on the side, this is the right article for you.

More and more people are making money online. If you are lazy or simply don’t want to spend countless hours learning a new skill, there’s still hope for you. There’s so many ways to make money online apart from photography, programming, writing, video editing, etc. Did you know that you can make some decent money by just taking online survey, shopping or plain simple browsing on the internet? Below are 7 main websites from which you can actually make money by just taking surveys.

1. Vindale Research

If you got some time to kill and want to earn some extra cash on your spare time, then Vindale Research could be the right choice for you. Once you sign up, you get 1 dollar as an entry bonus. Thanks to its algorithm based on demographics, you will take surveys only on topics that interest you, and get paid for it.

Vindale Research is all about real cash, which you can secure through your PayPal account. The platform is very user-friendly and you can take online surveys on any device. Support is top-notch and your personal data is kept safe and secure.

Did you know that you can earn 5 dollars by just referring Vindale Research to a friend of yours? There’s so many ways you can make some extra money with Vindale Research: opening paid emails and videos, referrals, online studies and a lot more. Sign up now and get that extra cash.

Register for Vindale here


2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a site that pays for surveys but it also offers to its members other ways of making SB (Swagbucks) points by watching videos, shopping online, testing mobile applications, searching on the web, playing games etc.

It has paid over $400 million dollars to its members and has several points to its credibility like the Trustpilot score of 4.3 based on over 15,000 reviews and the fact that it gives over 7000 gift cards every day to the members who complete tasks.

Sign-up is free and, to be honest, the fact that the site offers several ways to be rewarded with gift cards is a good way of diversifying your online moneymaking activities, when you have some time on your hands.

Register for Swagbucks here

3. InboxDollars

The two best things about InboxDollars are the ease of use and fast cash gains.

On sign up the site offers a $5 bonus and at first it needed my e-mail to get going. After that, a series of simple questions needed to be answered to determine a personal profile for the surveys such as education, income level and some health questions.

At the end of the questionnaire, I had to see some tutorial videos about the how the site works and at the end I had 5$ credited to my account.

On InboxDollars you get paid with cash only, which means there is no need for complicated systems like the ones where you convert points to cash. The site has already paid $59 million since the year 2000 to its users who have completed surveys.

It may be true that most of the surveys on the site do not pay huge amounts of money for their surveys, but it is also true that you are staying on the internet anyway. So whenever you have some time on your hands and want to make quick money on the internet you can complete surveys and gain money on InboxDollars.

Free $5 bonus just for signing up.

4.Prize Rebel

RebelPrize has paid more than $19 million since its creation in 2007. In the homepage you can see how much the users have made in the last day by completing surveys. This guarantees the new users that real money is being paid to users already on the platform.

RebelPrize works with a system of points whereby the user who completes challenges earns one dollar for each hundred points gained. There are daily challenges that push the users to complete more surveys to gain extra points. The payout is made through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift codes or Walmart gift cards.

Register for Prize Rebel here.

5. Survey Club

When you sign up for becoming a member of Survey Club you are presented with a large directory of survey sites. So, Survey Club is basically a site that serves as an intermediary for all the sites that pay for surveys.

This means that the payout is a bit lower than that of the other sites as part of the gains goes to Survey Club. It is worth mentioning that you should think carefully about the email address you use due to the fact that it is going to be put in many mailing lists after you sign up to Survey Club.

Register for Survey Club here.

6. VIP Voice

VIP Voice has a different strategy for paying out its users. There is a system of points awarded for completing surveys but the payout is not converted in cash directly.

The VIP Points can be used as a proxy for cash for participating in auctions or sweepstakes where the prizes are vacations, electronic products, gift cards etc.

There exists the possibility that after winning the points from completing surveys, you participate in the auctions or sweepstakes and do not manage to get anything and this might feel like a waste of time. Anyway, the site claims that a lot of prizes are won from the members and some 12 million surveys are completed each year.

Register for VIP Voice here.

7. OneOpinion

OneOpinion works roughly like your typical online survey site. It works with a points system that converts 1000 points to one dollar. You can sign up for free and be ready to go in minutes.

The payout is possible after the users have gained at least 25,000 points and it you can choose to receive it as gift PayPal transfer or gift cards.

The good thing about this site is that it offers product testing. As a member of this site it is possible to test products of companies and do market research before the potential product hits the market.

Register for OneOpinion here.


This is another great site that offers paid surveys to its users.

It boasts more than 5 million users and offers some of the best paying surveys with the world’s largest brands and companies. You can get 10 points on your sign up and after completing surveys the accumulated points can be redeemed for prizes.

Register for LifePoints here.


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